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Fight Ban Of Common AR-15 Ammo
Contact your Senators and Represenatative and urge them to support a repeal of ATF’s AR-15 ban. And tell them to vote against the DHS funding bill — specifically, urging your Senators to vote against any cloture motion that would facilitate it. The ban is completely lawless and unconstitutional, and there are legislators who want to fight...

  • FL Backyard Target Shooting Ban Moves Forward
  • Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act Gaining Steam
  • MI Gun Bills Approved By Legislature
  • Federal Judge: CA Handgun Roster Is Constitutional
  • Maine Lawmaker Submits Constitutional Carry Bill
  • PA Democrats Introduce Gun Registration Legislation
  • MI Women With Carry Permits Up 134 Percent
  • Best Shotgun Athletes Await Season Debut In Acapulco
  • PolyCase Ammunition Sponsors NSSF Industry Summit
  • KS Instructors Oppose Constitutional Carry
  • This Day In America's History
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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    Kansas Constitutional Carry Advances
    The Senate endorsed legislation Wednesday allowing Kansas adults to carry concealed handguns without obtaining a state license or participating in a firearms safety course. Enacting the bill sponsored by 26 of the Senate’s 40 members would amend state law guaranteeing the right of people to openly carry firearms without a permit to include a right to...

  • PA Judge Rules Against Harrisburg Gun Ordinances
  • NV Bill Extends Castle Doctrine To Vehicles
  • MI Bill To Overhaul Carry Permit Process
  • NM Pair Of Anti-Sportsmen Bills Up For Hearing
  • NE Mountain Lion Hunting Ban To Be Heard
  • WY Bill Lets Schools Decide On Concealed Carry
  • TX Amarillo Open Carry Rally This Weekend
  • NJ Charges Dropped Against Man With Flintlock Pistol
  • HSUS Declares Maine Bear Hunting A Target
  • FL 3 Leprosy Cases, Armadillos May Be To Blame

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