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Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
NJ Bill Requires Retailers To Stock 'Smart Guns'
The measure would create a roster of so-called smart guns, which can only be fired by authorized users, available for sale. The bill would also require most New Jersey gun retailers to carry a couple of smart guns in their stores. The bill’s authors said the legislation addresses a problem with a 2002 law requiring only smart guns to be sold in the state within three years of their availability.

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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    MO Gov Veteos Constitutional Carry Bill
    Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has vetoed a bill that would have let people carry concealed guns without a permit and expanded their right use weapons in self-defense. Nixon said the bill "would make Missouri more dangerous" by relaxing current safeguards for concealed guns. The Democratic governor vetoed the measure Monday. The Republican-led Legislature could try to override his veto during...

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