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Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
UT SAF Threatens To Sue Cities And Counties
Municipalities across Utah are taking a second look at their gun ordinances to make sure they are in line with state law. Sandy City Council amended ordinances to make it legal to carry a gun at city parks and other recreational facilities. The changes were already in the works, but a letter from a national group threatening to sue the city sped up...

  • ATF Expands It Authority To Regulate Manufacturing
  • DC Tries To Reinstate Overturned Carry Ban
  • DC Reagan National Airport Says No To NSSF Safety Ads
  • Ruger Launches Free Ammo And Mag Giveaway
  • Gottlieb Challenges Gates To Debate Gun Control
  • CT Buyback Guns Used In Bushnell Park Sculpture
  • CT Anti-Gun Reporter Is Out Of A Job
  • Trespasser Warning Windchime
  • This Day In America's History
  • Write Your Representative

    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    DC Lawyers Work To Reinstate Carry Ban
    For a brief time, concealed carry permit holders could exercise their Second Amendment rights by bringing their firearms into Washington D.C.; a right that was previously denied until the Palmer decision. Granted, if you were a D.C. resident, you had to have the gun registered. For outsiders, you couldn’t open carry your rifles or shotguns, and your handgun couldn’t...

  • DC Asks Judge To Reconsider Ending Carry Ban
  • LA Gun In Car Law Ruled Unconstitutional
  • LA 2014 2nd Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday
  • 2014 NRA Firearms Law & 2nd Amendment Symposium
  • NRA Foundation Joins Amazon Charities List
  • Mixed Reactions Over JPFO And SAF Merger
  • TX Argyle Schools Post Armed Staff Warning Signs
  • Anti-Gun Moms Continue Kroger Harassment
  • NY Signs Calling For Repeal Of SAFE Act Being Stolen
  • CNN Reporter Says Automatic Weapons Are Easy To Get

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    Republicans eye bonus Senate opportunity in NH as Brown gains on Dem incumbent
    Republicans are suddenly looking at a bonus opportunity to build a Senate majority amid signs that Scott Brown may be bringing his race for a ...

    FBI reportedly probing hack of JP Morgan Chase, other US banks
    The FBI and other federal agencies are investigating a coordinated computer hack targeting JPMorgan Chase and at least four other American banks, ...

    Burger King's Bonanza: The media finally wake up to corporate chicanery
    Why have journalists and commentators failed to bang the drum over this outrage?

    Federal consumer watchdog agency hit with complaints of retaliation, discrimination
    The federal consumer watchdog agency has been beset by complaints of retaliation and discrimination, according to a published report. 

    Army demotes, retires general over handling of sex assault accusation
    A two-star Army general faulted for failing to properly investigate sexual assault and other accusations against a colonel on his staff will be ...

    VA whistleblower condemns IG report
    A whistleblower who helped bring attention to extended wait times for veterans at VA hospitals says that a report by the Department of Veteran ...

    California drivers brace for impact of costly new gas tax

    Ukraine rebel leader says Russians are joining war

    Minnesota man is second American ISIS fighter killed in Syria, sources say

    Obama plotting to bypass Congress on climate change

    Conservative Views

    Dictator Obama to Give Away More U.S. Sovereignty to Corrupt U.N. to Further Global Warming Hoax

    Forget ISIS, Obama Has Pentagon Focused On Allowing Transgenders To Serve In Military

    IRS lawyer- Lois Lerner’s Blackberry deliberately destroyed after start of congressional probe

    Parents of Extortion 17 SEAL- Obama’s JV Performance has Damaged Global Security & Cost Lives

    Obama Blames America For Rise Of ISIS

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    Pats trade 6-time Pro Bowl OG Mankins to Bucs for Wright, pick

    Judge grants Aaron Hernandez's bid to suppress evidence

    USC investigating Shaw's heroic story after receiving calls

    Kevin Love says he's 'committed long term' to Cavs, winning titles

    Seahawks, Carroll fined $300K for physical practices