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Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
WA Most Sheriffs Oppose Initiative 594
The sheriffs oppose I-594 because it will not make anyone safer, will strain scarce law enforcement resources, will criminalize the lawful behavior of millions of law-abiding gun owners in Washington and will be unenforceable. Instead, I-594 would vastly expand the state’s handgun registry and force law-abiding gun owners to pay fees and get the...

  • WA Initiative 594 Would Create Accidental Felons
  • CT Gubernatorial Race Dividing Gun Owners
  • MT Wildlife Agency Drops Hunter Confidentiality Plan
  • OK Changes Made To Self-Defense, Firearm Laws
  • NY Anti S.A.F.E. Act Sign Allowed Under City Code
  • PA 'Stop The Violence' Members Beat Man Unconscious
  • NJ Suburban Bear Fight Caught On Film
  • This Day In America's History
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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    Hunters’ Venison Donations Provide 11 Million Meals to People in Need
    For food banks nationwide, acquiring protein is a challenge because of the high cost of meat. Fortunately during hunting season, hunters help make up the shortfall with generous donations of protein-rich, low-fat venison that provide 11 million meals annually to the less fortunate. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade association for the...

  • PA Governor Signs Bill Barring Local Gun Laws
  • WV $9.7 Million To Schools For Anti-Gun Efforts
  • Sturm, Ruger Misses Sales Targets By A Mile
  • Interview Coming With SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden
  • PA Coroner Auctioning Guns Used In Suicides
  • NRA Says Tom Cotton Ad On Gay Dating App Isn't Theirs
  • Ways To Survive The Zombie Deer Apocalypse
  • Bergmann 1894 Grip Style

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    Medicare bought meds for dead people
    Call it drugs for the departed: Medicare's prescription program kept paying for costly medications even after patients were dead.

    Obama adviser likened Iran nuclear deal to ObamaCare
    Deputy National Security Adviser and MFA in creative writing Ben Rhodes likened an Iranian nuclear deal to ObamaCare in a talk to progressive ...

    Maine judge orders Ebola nurse to stay away from public gatherings, maintain 3-foot distance from...
    Kaci Hickox, the nurse who insists she is Ebola-free after a stint in West Africa helping people suffering from the deadly disease, can probably ...

    Debate moderator apologizes for accusing Scott Brown of botching NH geography
    A debate moderator apologized to Republican New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown Thursday night after accusing him on-air of botching his ...

    Fast and Furious II? Justice Department watchdog faults agency over grenade probe
    Federal agents and prosecutors in Arizona made multiple errors in their investigation of a U.S. citizen who was suspected of smuggling grenade ...

    GOP senators urge Obama to hold off on immigration exec action
    The three Republican senators responsible for comprehensive immigration legislation, which remains stalled in Congress, on Thursday urged...

    Suspected cop killer appears in court hours after capture

    Marine banned from school over Islam teaching

    Does the military have a problem with Jesus?

    Terrorist, Ebola costumes reach new low, critics claim

    Moderator apologizes after NH geography lesson

    Former Gitmo detainees suspected of joining ISIS

    Conservative Views

    Former Marine Complains About Pro-Islam Bias In Daughter’s Schoolwork, Gets Banned From School

    Officials- Dozens of Ex-Gitmo Prisoners Joining ISIS

    Eric Holder Regrets Not Using Better Language to Target Fox News' James Rosen

    Carolina Vote Fraud Exposed

    Voters sue Maryland over 'massive' fraud by illegals

    Sports Headlines

    The skinny: Melo, Knicks spoil LeBron's Cleveland homecoming

    Reports: Thunder's Westbrook (fractured hand) could miss 4-6 weeks

    Brees leads Saints past Panthers, into NFC South lead

    No. 2 Florida State scores 35 in second half to top Louisville

    Report: 49ers' McDonald likely to avoid domestic violence charge