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CA More Gun And Ammo Tax Proposed
California lawmakers are considering new legislation that would increase the number of counselors in public schools, with the funding to pay for it coming from weapons and ammunition sales. The bill Cooper is introducing will mandate school counselors at the middle and junior high school levels and will fund school resource officers at high school campuses. That money will come by imposing a new tax on firearms...

  • Seattle Gun Tax Revenue Falls And Fails Again
  • Bump Stocks Flying Off Shelves With Bans Proposed
  • Michigan Range Overwhelmed By Teachers Seeking Lessons
  • Sportsmen’s Alliance Candidates Reception Tuesday, March 20
  • Fred Meyer To Phase Out Sales Of Guns And Ammunition
  • Exploitation Of Special Needs Students For Gun Control
  • Anti-Gun Hollywood Turning Off Americans
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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    MA Federal Court Allows Challenge To 'Assault Weapon' Ban Expansion To Proceed
    A federal judge on Wednesday rejected a move by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey to dismiss a lawsuit against her arbitrary expansion of the state’s assault weapon ban. The challenge, brought by four gun dealers and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, took Healey to task for her “enforcement notice” expanding the state’s longstanding ban on certain semi-auto...

  • Wisconsin Launches First Elk Hunt
  • IL Senate Sends Three Anti-Gun Bills To Governor
  • Oklahoma House To Vote On Constitutional Carry Legislation
  • Kroger's Grocery Ending Sales Of Gun Related Publications
  • Remington May Enter Bankruptcy Court This Week
  • NC Anti-Gun 'Student Walkout' Draws Crowd Of One

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