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Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
TN 133 New Laws Take Effect July 1
The Tennessee Hearing Protection Act of 2017 lets people use suppressors on guns in Tennessee. Supporters said the measure will help protect sportsmen’s ears. Legislation was also passed that allows people who can legally have loaded or unloaded guns and ammunition to bring them on their boats. Proponents have said the bill brings more clarity to the current law. Steel trap placement and inspection...

  • TX Newspaper Apologizes For Running Anti-Gun Misinformation
  • PA Senate Considers Bill Allowing Teachers To Be Armed
  • St. Louis Judge Upholds Gun Ban In Local Zoo
  • St. Louis Area Gun Store Burglaries Believed To Be Linked
  • Increase In Bear Attacks Leaving Alaska Officials Bewildered
  • Smith & Wesson Expands Self Defense Pistol Series
  • Affordable Concealed Carry: Hungarian FEG PA-63 Pistol
  • MI Sheriff: Bad Cops Move Easily Between Departments
  • Kurdish Sniper Keeps Her Cool Under ISIS Fire (Video)
  • Giant Deer Sculpture Installed Along Chicago Riverwalk
  • This Day In America's History
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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Landmark Gun Case
    The U.S. Supreme Court has denied a petition to review Peruta v. California, which would have potentially established precedent on whether the Second Amendment protects the right to carry handguns outside the home for self-defense. Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch dissented against the opinion not to hear the case. “Neither party disputes that the issue is one of national importance or that...

  • SCOTUS Denies California Carry Case
  • Proposed Bill Would End BATFE’s Border War
  • NSSF Announces 2017 Scholarship Winners
  • RI House Votes To Disarm Those On Domestic Orders
  • Colorado Teachers Train With Guns To Protect Students
  • CT Woodbridge Bans Guns From Town-Owned Property
  • Hawaii Rifle Association Wins With Shooting Sports Fair
  • ID Winter Kills Mule Deer Fawns At 20 Year High
  • Ohio Black Bear Sighting Latest In Species’ Resurgence
  • MA Westfield Chihuahua Chases Off Backyard Bear
  • Meet "The Most Armed Man In America"

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