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Deer Hunting Reduces Crime
Deer seasons, Niekamp said, are unique — “unparalleled by any other policy in existence” — in arming people across rural America. Each year, more than 10 million Americans, about 18 percent of all American gun owners, use firearms to hunt deer during restricted dates. “There are no other policies that induce 600,000 Wisconsin males or 530,000 Michigan males to systematically carry and use firearms...

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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    MN The Resurgence Of Wild Turkeys
    The next time you see a wild turkey in Minnesota, offer a silent thank you to the state of Missouri. Yes, Missouri. Also, consider a quiet thanks to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resource (DNR) wildlife specialists who trapped, moved, and ultimately helped reintroduce the once overhunted birds to the state. The success story started with a trade, said Lindsey Mesinger, a wildlife research biologist with the DNR.

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