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Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
Tell Congress To Vote On Sportsmen’s Act
As Congress wraps up business in 2016, a package of top sportsmen’s issues remains unfinished. Sportsmen and their advocates in Congress have spent months developing the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act, which would be the most important new law protecting hunting and shooting in nearly 20 years. The Sportsman’s Package was expected to be included in the Energy Policy Modernization Act, and to be voted on...

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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    CA Lawsuit vs Microstamping Law To Resume
    A California Appellate Court has reversed the Fresno Superior Court’s dismissal of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) lawsuit seeking an injunction to block enforcement of the state’s ammunition microstamping law and remanded the case back to the lower court to hear arguments. “We are pleased by today’s ruling because it...

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