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MI Officer To Pay $35,000 For Open Carry Stop
A man who claimed he was wrongfully arrested on Christmas Eve while legally open-carrying his pistol has reached a $35,000 settlement with the officer who stopped him, according to the man's attorney. John David McMorris reached the agreement Tuesday, July 28, after he sued Flint Township Police and Sgt. Russell Fries following his Dec. 24, 2013, arrest. The lawsuit was forwarded to the township's insurer.

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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    CA Los Angeles Magazine Ban Looms
    It was already illegal to buy ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds in California, but soon those living in Los Angeles won’t be able to possess them either. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says he will sign a measure passed by the city council that gives residents 60 days to turn in or otherwise get rid of ammunition magazines exceeding 10 rounds, even if they bought them before California’s...

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