Dial Up Internet Connection

Libertea.US dialup service is for those unable to get high-speed internet connection in their area. We have over 40,000 dial up numbers that cover 97% of the US and some of Canada.

Some of the larger ISP's are blocking gun and ammo ads, or our freedom of speech while delivering their one sided agenda. Switch to Libertea dialup service and support someone that supports freedom and liberty, the constitution and free enterprise.

When you sign up thru Libertea we donate to an association to support your rights!

Price Plan

1 Month Dialup$19.95
6 Month Dialup$119.70
12 Month Dialup$225.00

Follow 2 Easy Steps to Get Connected!

Step 1

Check our local access numbers to ensure we have one for you in your area.
Our customer support is second to none with Live Chat or call and talk to our live customer representatives.

*Our prices are comparable to major ISP's or cheaper.

Step 2

Once you have found your location among our list of Dialup Numbers, select the length of service you wish to order and click Get Connected Now!

*Our customer support is second to none with Live Chat or call and talk to live customer representatives.

Number Reference Listing Get Connected NOW!
You can get a Libertea.us email address even if our Dialup plans do not work for you, or your area is not covered. The email will work with any service on any device. Sign up for Email here.